• How Often Should You Shampoo Your Hair?

    'How often should we actually be washing our hair?' It's a debate that has been raging for decades, with answers ranging from everyday without fail to once a week at most. Of course, the texture and condition of your hair plays a significant role, but with conversations about scalp health increasing and the temptation to skip a day or two due to our current...
  • Is Remy Hair Real Human Hair?

    When you first try to navigate the world of extensions, you can be overwhelmed by the seemingly endless list of jargon you have to learn. Micro bead? Tape-in? Clip-in? Wait – they have different weights?? When you first begin to browse extensions, you’ll encounter one word a lot: Remy. What exactly does it mean if extensions are Remy? Are they made from human hair? Why do...
  • Everything You Need To Know About Headband Wigs

    Do you want to change your style and choose a new fashion wig? Do you want to increase the length of your hair and change the volume of your hair? Fashionable and comfortable headband wigs provide you with the most natural look and meet all your needs. This article will introduce you to the definition of human hair headband wigs, applicable people, advantages, and...
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