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  1. Fun and Fearless Bob Cut Hairstyle, Because It’s 2019!

    It’s 2019 and everyone can be anyone they want to be or do anything they want to do. If you are not fearless during these times and do not start ditching that old-school backward attitude, people will mow you down. So if you want to ditch your 9-5 job and travel the world go for it! If you have meaning to cut your hair super short to make your beauty routine a little low maintenance, I’d say do it!


    If you haven’t been so daring in the past years, well, 2019 is the time to be brave and embrace a super-short hairstyle. Yup, bobbed haircuts are officially the trending hairstyle of 2019 and it is here to stay. Many girls fear to cut their hair sort because they think it will make their face fat or rounder. But and the chin-skimming styles are a winner regardless of your hair type and face shape. You just need to find a good hairstylist that will give the perfect cut that will match you. 


    The best-known short haircut style in the 1920s was the bob. It made its first foray into public consciousness in 1915 when the fashion-forward dancer Irene Castle cut her hair short as a matter of convenience, into what was then referred to as the Castle bob. Someone suggested that it was already passé but during the Roaring 20’s it was actually the dominant female hairstyle in the Western world. Women wore it in various versions, often worn with a side-parting, curled or waved, and with the hair at the nape of the neck "shingled" short.


    So many Hollywood and international celebrities have been embracing the short tresses not only that it makes them look so edgy but because this hairstyle looks incredibly youthful. Check out Robyn Rihanna Fenty, Kylie Jenner,  Khloe Kardashian and Hollywood A-listers for some inspiration if you want to cut your hair into a bob.


    If you’re still having second thoughts you’re going to cut your hair short or not, you can try on some wigs first and see if it fits you. You can check out Queenvirginremy for human hair wigs in bob hairstyles. They have a lot of them in different lengths that you can try out.


    A-line bob: A typical bob cut, with slightly longer hair in front that frames the face, typically curling under the chin.


    Chin-length bob: Cut straight to the chin, with or without bangs.


    Inverted bob: Similar to an A-line bob, but with stacked layers in the back. The perimeter of the cut is curved rather than being a straight line. This cut is also commonly called a "graduated bob".


    Shingle bob: a cut that is tapered very short in the back, exposing the hairline at the neck. The hair on the sides is formed into a single curl or point on each cheek.


    Shoulder-length bob: A blunt bob that reaches the shoulders and has very few layers.


    Short bob hairstyles are a timeless look that can be worn by everyone depending on the cut. With tons of modern and fresh takes, a short bob hair can be customized to match your personality. Whether you’re a rocker full of attitude, the girl next door, or the avant-garde trendsetter, there is a short bob hair/hairstyles/haircuts for 2019 for you to embrace so that you can make a statement.



    Modern bob haircuts feature a couple of innovations which upgrade bob hairstyles to the level of up-to-the-minute looks you can rock this 2019. It’s been worn by fun and fearless women for centuries and still  one of the hottest hairstyles to have; whether you opt for a long bob, a shoulder-grazing choppy style or a blunt jaw-skimmer, the bob will always be the A-list hairstyle of choice. 

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  3. Best Hairstyles For Wedding Season

    Special occasions call for beautiful hairstyles after all these occasions are memorable life events in someone’s life especially if you’re a female. Months before the said event we girls already plan and look for outfits that we would wear and we also search for inspirations online for our makeup and hairstyles. And the internet has no shortage of ideas for you to consider.

     Among these life events, I really like attending weddings. Unfortunately back in high school the 2 proms that I attended wasn’t that enjoyable and being so young I was not really thinking about what I would wear and what my hair and makeup would look like, so the ending is prom photos that I wish would never see the light of day ever… hahaha! As for my high school graduation, we wore our uniforms while for my college graduation we were just asked to wear a dress that is in line with what you would wear as a Sunday’s best. 


    Anyway, here’s a little secret, I love weddings! I always gush about weddings. I’ve had girlfriends who wed before and I was part of their weddings. Being a maid-of-honor and bridesmaid, like the bride, I’ve also thought about my entire look at the wedding. But I can’t imagine how quite hard it is for a bride to put together her entire wedding look. I mean, like, you’ve chosen the perfect dress and the most gorgeous wedding shoes for your big day. But out of the hundreds of hairstyles that women choose to wear down the aisle, which hairstyle will be perfect for the wedding outfit?


    But when I attend weddings as a bridesmaid or as a guest, I make it a point to look nice to show that I am thankful for the privilege of being invited to a very special occasion. So I’ve always been on Pinterest and scrolling through it, I’ve found these gorgeous hairstyles that I came across. Now let me categorize them into 5 hairstyles that a bride can rock on her wedding. After all, it’s almost June and for sure there are some of you out there who are walking down the aisle pretty soon.


    Attending a wedding or getting married soon? Here’s a roundup of the best hairstyles for Wedding party that I really love and that I think you would love too!


    Messy Half Up-Do's

    If you can't decide between wearing your hair up or down, go with a half-up, ethereal style. You can do this stunning as one of your Wedding party hairstyles, by curling your hair first and you can even add body wave hair extensions if you need a little help in the length department, tease it for added volume, and then sweep it back and secure it before adding beautiful flowers or other hair accents. It’s almost an effortless bridal hairstyle that almost kinda says “I woke up like this” when really you spent hours getting ready. It’s looking to have a messy hairstyle while still looking glam.



    Curls and Waves

    This type of hairstyle is constant among bridal hairstyles. For the chic, modern bride, super-loose waves always add elegance. On the other hand, tousled waves complement a dreamy seaside ceremony. I would likely choose this hairstyle as one of my dream wedding themes is a beach or bohemian wedding. It’s actually one of the simplest hairstyles a bride can wear with almost any bridal dress. Also, you can add some accessories in your hair or make a hair accent to make a statement.



    besthairstylesforweddingseason9                                                    besthairstylesforweddingseason10


    I love braids! This hairstyle is probably one the versatile ones out there as they can go from casual to glam depending on how you will incorporate them in your wedding hairstyle. I can see myself wearing a braided bridal hairstyle, in the future as they are effortlessly romantic and fun at the same time, with Wedding party makeup that is in trend. Braids are a bride’s best friend. Braids are especially perfect for a boho bride who wants a laid-back feel while still looking flawless. For a looser braid and for a more carefree the vibe you opt for a stunning fishtail style like the one pictured below. Or do those Dutch milkmaid braid crowns with an up-do or half up-do. If you want a more pronounce or chunkier braid you can use some Queen Remy 3 Bundles Body Wave bundles to achieve that. When you’re looking for a really classic style with just a touch of whimsy, you can’t go wrong with braids. 


    besthairstylesforweddingseason13                                                                              besthairstylesforweddingseason14

    Vintage or Retro

    Another wedding theme that I love is a vintage style party and with to complete this theme, what you can do is to channel some old Hollywood glamour with big and bouncy curls. Vintage glam feels less forced with loose side-swept curls and a beautiful hair accessory.  Give locks a wavy twist and sport very red lips for a glamorous retro look right out of classic films. A classic will always be a classic and will still be popular many years from now. This hairstyle can also be utilized for proms and graduations you just know how to pick the perfect Wedding party dresses. Old-school glamour never goes out of fashion.


    besthairstylesforweddingseason17            besthairstylesforweddingseason18


    Up-Do’s and Buns

    Most girls don’t like the updo’s because they fear that it will make their face big. But to be honest, it’s is the most elegant of all hairstyles. Up-do’s have been the top hairstyle picks among brides of all ages worldwide. They do complete a delicate bridal look better than any other hairstyle type. If you want to look feminine and glamorous at the same time then take a look at this classic updos. This elegant hairstyle will work perfect with medium and long hair but if don’t have an extra couple inches of hair you may consider finding these Nature Body Wave I T COLOR from Queenvirginremy online to create a nice bun. 


    Many brides have wedding party hairstyles that are very elaborate and require a lot of work, and then there are those brides who choose simple, timeless, elegant hairstyles for their wedding day. It can be a bit stressful to choose which ones to do for your hair. But I guess the best way to go is for you to think which one will go with your party’s theme, which one will flatter your entire bridal outfit, your personality and which one you will be comfortable to wear.

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  5. Different Types of Human Hair Extensions

    Different Types of Human Hair Extensions

    -Which One is The Best For You!


    Virgin human hair bundles with closure and Remy hair is a trend in the hairstyle market, and it is becoming more and more popular. Our Brazilian, Malaysian, Mongolian, Peruvian, and Russian blonde hair are all 100% virgin human hair which are healthy hair, no shedding, no tangling. However many people will consider what types of human hair is the best weave hair?

    whether you’re a newbie or connoisseur of extensions there are a few fundamentals of what you need.

    Brazilian Hair

    If you want to buy the best hair type, Brazilian hair bundles are one of the most popular types of hair weaves in the market. it is coarse in texture and heavy in density.  It comes in styles of naturally straight, wavy or curlyincluding Brazilian hair bundles with closure, Brazilian hair bundles with frontal....so many popular types of hair weaves are waiting for you! The colors are usually in black or off black to a rich brown.  The hair is good for blending in with Afro-Caribbean and this is why a lot of Afro-Caribbean women go for this hair, not only is this type of hair soft but also smooth. When cared for properly, this hair type can last longer. It is good if you want thick, bouncy hair. Generally, Brazilian hair will match any hairstyle.

    different types of human hair extensions1different types of human hair extensions2

    Malaysian Hair

    Malaysian hair comes in colors of darkest brown to near black.  The hair comes in styles of wavy, slight bends to loose body waves.  The hair is heavier, thicker and denser than Indian hair, as well as being softer and silkier than Indian hair.  The hair dries straight with a slight wave.  Compared to Chinese hair the hair is thinner and softer.  The hair is extremely shiny and silky. Malaysian hair bundles with closure could be a great fit for women with natural texture hair.  If you prefer body wave hair, then Malaysian body wave hair would be the best choice.

    different types of human hair extensions3

    Mongolian Hair 

    Mongolian hair is a cross between Chinese and Malaysian hair.  The hair is thinner than and not as coarse as Chinese hair, but not as soft as the Malaysian hair.  The hair is soft and shiny and comes in a range of different colors beyond the browns to the light blonde’s as well as different styles, straight and curly. This hair is good if you like to interchange between straight and curly hair. 

    different types of human hair extensions4different types of human hair extensions5

    Peruvian hair

    Peruvian hair is coarser and thicker than Brazilian hair.  It grows naturally straight, wavy or very curly.  But when washed becomes more curly in texture.  It comes in natural colors of dark or light brown, and sometimes in the less occurring slightly blonde shades. Peruvian hair is lightweight, free-flowing and luxurious. provides a realistic look and feel once installed.

    different types of human hair extensions6

    Russian Blonde Hair 

    Russian Blonde Hair is the softest, finest and among the most versatile virgin hair that we carry, very silky in texture. The 613 color makes it very easy to dye. Heat and color can be safely applied for a beautiful, customized look. Our Russian Blonde Hair is a popular color for the summer!

    different types of human hair extensions7different types of human hair extensions8

    Queen Remy hair

    Our Indian Remy and Queen Remy hair are 100% Indian Remy human hair.which is chemically processed to compact and smooth the hair cuticles to ensure that the hair is completely tangle-free and has a natural soft and silky appearance. You can wash it, curl it and style it. This particular texture is very free-flowing and low maintenance. It would be a great choice for women who want flexible, affordable and virgin Indian quality hair. However, we do not recommend bleaching or coloring the Indian hair. This hair is already processed and any further processing will damage the hair quality.

    different types of human hair extensions9different types of human hair extensions10different types of human hair extensions11different types of human hair extensions12

    So What is Remy Human Hair?

    Remy human hair is processed with chemical dying and rearranged to make it run in the same direction and more smooth. But it still comes from virgin human hair with high quality. With a more affordable price, Remy hair is becoming the new trend of fashion.

    At Queen Virgin Remy Store, we offer multiple types of human hair extensions for our clients. Create the most natural look for you. You can come in for a free consultation.

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    Mother's Day in the United States is annually held on the second Sunday of May. This is a celebration honoring mothers and celebrating motherhood, maternal bonds and the influence of mothers in society. Many people will give gifts to their mother or a special one in their life. If you are looking for the perfect gift idea for Mother’s Day, check out our gift guide. We are sharing some of Mother’s Day gifts ideas and give the women in your life a gift they will love! 

    All moms need to look fabulous on this special day. You can try changing the hairstyle first. Sometimes it takes quite some hard work to find out how to get the perfect holiday hairstyle that meets all our needs, you can get them at Queen Virgin Remy just in time for Mother’s Day. We have so many of the different hairstyles and colors, including straight hair, body wave hair, curly hair, etc. Get one that truly deserves the greatest Queen.   


    Queen Virgin Remy is right now launching the best Mother's Day Sale to celebrate Mother's Day.  If you have been wanting to purchase a human hair product, now is a perfect time. We are offering an exclusive 20% off Mother's Day sale on our website. 



    There is more than this! How about a fantastic giveaway that spread your love to all the moms? The exclusive Mother’s Day Giveaway you don’t want to miss.


    How to join?

    Mother’s Day GIVEAWAY! Let’s Celebrate The MOM in Your Life!!!

    1. Follow @queenvirginremy on Instagram

    2. Comment below: “Mom is the Queen!!” and tag your mom or the special one in your life.

    3. Followed with your favorite photo of mother and child topic (Can be yours, your friends’, or celebrities’) on your Instagram. Tag @queenvirginremy, add #supermom .

    The pic(s) receiving the most likes win(s) our prize.

    Prize: Top quality human hair Lace Wig  (3 winners)

    Share the Love this Mother’s Day!!!!

    The winners will be announced on May 12.


    Join us and spread the love!

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  9. Summer Hair is Blonde Hair

    Summer is just around the corner and summer is the perfect time to experiment with color and blonde is way-to-go. The blonde spectrum is a vast one, there’s ash blonde, platinum blonde or the regular. Whether you want the ombre or the balayage, summer hair color is definitely shining bright and blonde all the way. Most people think that blonde only suits Caucasian people, but that doesn’t hold true not anymore. There are a lot of colored-skin celebrities that sport the blondest blonde you can ever imagine.

    summer hair blonde hair

    summer hair blonde hair1

    Even celebrities who change their hair from dark to several shades lighter attest that dyeing has done so much damage to their hair. Being a stylish chameleon can also take a toll, the things you do to achieve beauty and make head turns always come with a price but at the end of the day you have these questions in your head, is it worth it?

    summer hair blonde hair2

    Remember when Kim Kardashian notoriously dyed her hair platinum blond a few years ago during Paris Fashion Week 2015. She lifted her hair color four to five levels when color professionals recommend lightening two to three shades at most. She revealed that though she was able to achieve the color that she wanted it was extremely damaging on the hair. But she’s Kim Kardashian, she gonna do what she has to do. 

    summer hair blonde hair3summer hair blonde hair4

    This probably not the only horror story that you’ve heard about over-dyeing; But did you know that you don’t have to subject your hair to such kind of damage just to achieve the blonde hair that is perfect this summer season? With the use blonde human hair wigs and extensions you will always have the gloss and shine of sun-kissed blonde hair. And for all you know, you’ll discover that blonde can really change up the vibe and add some fun. After all, they say that blondes have more fun. 

    summer hair blonde hair5summer hair blonde hair6

    At times, I think of growing my hair in its natural color to have healthy virgin hair all over again. Celebrities do this by using blonde closure (body wave) while they grow their hair. Kim Kardashian and Beyonce do this all the time. I mean all the time, and that is not a secret anymore. Also not something anyone should be ashamed of. It’s an investment; it goes to show that you take the time to make sure your hair is flawless and that you take care of your hair. 


    You can find a lot of affordable and blonde wigs in stores and online. Just be very keen from where you get it. One store that I suggest you check out is at www.queenvirginremy.com and you will see a lot of good hair review from satisfied clients. Hair extensions nowadays are made of natural hair so you can style and take care of it the way you would with your own hair. 


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  11. CWS –Customized Wig Service

    Did you ever sew your own wig? Have you ever been frustrated by any of the problems down below

    The personal hand-sewing wig caps are mostly with unsatisfying sewing and bad ventilation, which would also easily cause damage.  

    DIY is fun, but it takes much time and effort.

    The customization charge from salon hairstylists is so expensive...

    CWS can help you solve all these problems.

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  13. Short hair don’t care – Style you can achieve with 10-inch hair extensions

    Short hair don’t care – Style you can achieve with 10-inch hair extensions

    In today’s trendy society, hair extensions have become an accessory, and they’re as much a staple in fashion as the classic wrap dress! We use natural hair extensions for everything from expressing our personalities to being chic to complete a new look. Nowadays, many women are not only using hair extensions to add length but to also experiment with a variety of shorter hairstyles.

    Typically when people think about hair extensions, they tend to associate them with long, flowing tresses that, add length and volume to their own hair. But there is another perspective – hair extensions that don’t necessarily add length but add a new dimension to one's hair repertoire that is stylish and functional.

    For ladies who want to try a short style or experiment with color, 10-inch hair extensions are a great inexpensive, temporary or semi-permanent option. Hair lovers can purchase 10-inch hair extensions in all styles, colors, and textures and as with all hair extensions, create an unlimited number of looks.  

    Short hairstyles for women are always in vogue and short styles with 10-inch hair extensions can be achieved in a variety of ways from curly to pixies to cropped and colored styles. Short haircuts are versatile and chic, and always great for a fresh new look. They are truly a perfect alternative to cutting your natural hair.


    The 10-inch hair extension life – The looks you’ll want to pull off any time of year

    There are many styles you can wear that only require 10-inch hair extensions. If you aren’t aware of the many hairstyles you can achieve with short hair extensions, read on!

     Let’s look at some short styles created with 10-inch hair extensions that will make you the fashionista of the block. 

    Curly/textured styles

    Textured or curly styles are probably the easiest styles to manage because the hair is already textured or permanently curled, and you don’t have to do much to maintain the look. Caring for and keeping your extensions moisturized is the key to making your styles last, and with curly or textured looks, you can’t go wrong if you’re looking for an easy carefree do. Curly or textured hair is available in a variety of styles from kinky curly to loose curls and wet and wavy looks. 

    Curly/textured styles

    Colored styles

    Like curly and textured styles, colored styles are available already processed with permanent color so you can simply pick the color of your choice. If you’ve been attempting to experiment with different hair color, but aren’t quite sure, this is a great way to try it before you buy it. Getting your hair colored can be an expensive process and you certainly don’t want to commit to a color you’re not even sure you are going to like. But if you want to try a specific color of your own choosing, you also have the option of dying hair extensions to suit your needs. There are so many choices available for short colored styles and it can be more economical when using short hair extensions. 

    Colored styles

    Pixie styles

    Do you want to go really short, but don’t want to cut off your own natural hair? Well, 10-inch hair extensions are the answer. Cute pixie cuts are adorable on everybody and they are a great cooler option for protective styles in the summer. Pixie cuts don’t need a lot of attention and can be styled in a variety of ways. Pixies can be achieved by applying 10-inch straight hair extensions that are available in lots of colors. 

    Pixie styles

    Bob styles

    Short bobs are also great, versatile hairstyles to try with straight, curly or loose wavy 10-inch hair extensions. They are sleek, no fuss styles that are timeless and appropriate for any occasion. Bobs are always in fashion and cute in any color. Just run your fingers through this short style and you’re out the door! It’s fun, fast and fierce! 

    Bob styles 

    Though weaves and hair extensions are synonymous with longer hairstyles, styles created with 10-inch hair extensions are just as sexy and fun, and they can totally change your look without you having to spend a ton of money or actually change your natural hair. Short extensions are a great option if you want to totally change your look and perfect for more natural-looking protective summer styles. 

    3+1 stw 10” 3+1 bw 10”

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  15. Gone With The Dusty Colors

    Fashion up with Queen Virgin Remy's new dusty color weaves & closures

    4 new colors available

    dusty colors

    Dusty colors are great when you DON'T want clean, clear colors because they can give your eyes a place to rest. They are excellent counterpoints for bright colors or simply give a restful look. Where the Dark colors were the opposite of clean colors, the Dusty colors are much more obscure and mysterious.

    TT1B/TUQIV - Dusty Teal

    dusty green1

    dusty green2

    There's a very romantic feel to Dusty Teal. Wouldn't you agree? That's why you'd see many weddings are decorated with this color. Dusty teal is so calming and relaxing. It's the sort of color that take you to someplace dreamy. And for that reason alone we think it would still be a high-fashion color in hair weaves and wigs even next year.


    PINK2- Dusty Rose

    dusty pink

    Though less flashy than a neon pink, dusty rose combines pink and violet for a rich and elegant hue. While some might think this variation of the rosy shade old-fashioned or nostalgic, most of the girls love this color in everything. Check the nice selfies on Pinterest and you'd agree. This is considered a color with girlish, soft and tender high-fashion.

    dusty rose

    TT1B/SG18-Dusty Blue

    dusty blue

    Dusty Blue perfectly combines the softness and elegance in Gray with the peace and quietness in Blue. Gray and Blue are considered the representative high-fashion colors, while dusty gray brings all the perfection to the next level. This time, Queen Virgin Remy carries this color into our catalog to encourage more women to RULE YOUR LOOK with us.

    dusty blue

    TT1B/PURPLE10-Dusty Purple

    dusty purple

    Purple Is Often Seen as a Royal Color, the symbol of royalty and wealth. While this Dusty Purple, grayish lavender color brings the elegance and misery into the next level. Using this color on hair is another courageous and creative move in hair coloring technique of Queen Virgin Remy. Every look counts. We only give the very best.

    dusty purple2

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  17. Fall Hair Trend Released 2018






    follow the seasontional transition



    Two-tone color (T1B/99J) is back into Fashion this fall.

    The rich, deep shades of reddish purple blends into the dark tone color so perfectly. We just can't get enough of red tones of typical autumnal color.



    Feel the warmth and vitamn in the air with two tone colors.

    The face-framing golden shine makes the chestnut color come alive. The deep-brunette hair is subtly warmed by the brown hair ends, which gives the illusion of airiness.

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  19. Colorful Queens

     ombre wigpink color wigombre straight wig ombre wig

    Red Pear

    R as in Rihanna, E as in energy,  and D as in desire and love.

    RED is a very emotionally intense and IN color.


    Rose Pink

    P as in passion, I as in intuitive, N as in non-stop-caring and K as in kindness.

    PINK stands for unconditional love and understanding, and is associated with giving and receiving care.


    Quetzal Green

    G as in gorgeous, R as in refreshness, E as in eco-friendly, another E stands for everlasting life. N as in our mother nature.

    Green symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, and fertility, which is also a high fashion color that reveals the sense of power and safety.


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