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  1. New trend style

    A lot of women (even men) around the world have a lot of trouble growing their hair. Most of us want more volume and length and many if not most, are going for hair extensions as the right call especially if we need to achieve that desire in a very small amount of time. After all, hair extensions are the easiest, painless and almost no effort in this regard. 
    There are a handful of hair extensions that one can buy and it can get too overwhelming. But for now, let’s look at these two types: synthetic and real. Synthetic hair extensions or wigs are normally plastic fiber that looks like hair strands. Synthetic hair extensions do not have the quality and appearance that real hair has. You can’t also style them, blow dry or curl, the way you want too as hey will easily get destroyed. 

    They mostly composed of low grade acrylic that is processed to look like natural hair. Imagine that on your head they don’t look like they will paint a pretty picture as they will give you hair that looks plasticky and people can easily tell you are wearing a wig or that your hair is mixed with synthetic hair extensions. 
    Real hair is made from actual human hair, so they have all of the makings and appearances of natural silky hair. Hair extensions are all about making your hair look gorgeous and Remy Human Hair extensions are made of real natural hair and have a more realistic texture. Remy hair is considered to be the finest quality of human hair because the cuticles are kept intact and not stripped, like in most other non-remy hair extensions. Preserving the hairs' cuticles and aligning them in a unidirectional fashion creates extensions that are completely natural in appearance.
    Many women who are thinking of getting hair extensions and they most often than not go for real hair for various reasons even if they will cost more because they see them as good investment and puts value to the money that they spent. Women choose real hair extensions over synthetic ones because they give you a natural appearance. 
    Brazilian Hair Weave are one of the most popular among remy/real hair extensions as they can give women a sleek look with a smooth finish. These real human hair extensions have hair stands the test of time and having real hair extensions means that you can treat them like real hair. You can straighten, curl or blow dry them to get any style you want. You cannot apply these heating tools to synthetic hair because it will melt. 
    They also come from a range of colors and textures, you can even find Remy Dreadlocks out there on the internet. If you are going to spend your money and effort into getting extensions, then they should last you a long time. The Chicago weather can take a toll on your hair which may cause you to use a lot of products. Since synthetic hair is, well, synthetic, they will get damaged by traditional hair products. They are more likely to start fraying or lose their sleek texture if you wash a few times. 
    With proper and careful handling these real human hair extensions can lasts for years. It is no doubt that real hair extensions are expensive. But what makes them the best choice for hair extensions is that they pay off in the long run and actually help you save money. You don’t have to spend much to maintain their look plus they last longer. All of these things give you more ease and options when it comes to your hair extensions.
    Women turn to extensions to solve their hair problems because they are an instant way to get longer, thicker and more luscious hair. You can change your entire look with the right hair extension. These extensions will be glued or woven into your head and will be essentially an investment. This is why you have to be careful about what type of product you choose.
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  3. Hair-fashion-cool curly styles

    There is nothing like salon ready hair to complete one’s look. Especially when it comes to special occasions and events, having big, fabulous, sexy hair is a must. You would surely want to pair your elegant dress or gown with a hair that makes a statement in itself.  Just imagine Brazilian hair that is flowy and gorgeous. That is always the hair style that I dream about. 
    For events that needs dressing up, I usually run to the nearest salon to have my hair done. Since I am no pro when it comes to hair styling, it is reassuring to have someone who knows what he or she is doing to do the job.  Otherwise, I would look up for videos on YouTube on how to make my hair voluminous and extravagant. And this would usually take preparations, I would have to allot time to practice it until I can do it on my own.
    The downside of getting your hair done at the salon is that it is very costly most of the time. Sure, there are cheap salons, the quality of which you can never be assured of. But if you want better results, you would want to go to the best ones which are, more often than not, more expensive. With all the help that are available online such as tutorials and other help when it comes to DIY-ing your look, getting that salon ready hair should never have to be expensive nor tedious. Most especially with the help of hair weaves and extensions, you can achieve the look that you are aiming for easily and effortlessly.
    For temporary usage, hair extensions work best. Ever wondered how celebrities have long, luscious hair all the time? Their secret are hair extensions. They can make your hair longer, or thicker, or both as you please. With hair extensions, you can easily style your hair. Updos can be easier achieved since there are more hair to work with. If you prefer to have your hair down, you need not worry about limp and dull looking hair because hair extensions will give you the right amount of thickness. Although hair extensions do not come cheap, they can be used again so it is a really good investment. 
    If you want to have salon ready hair that would last you days, you may try out hair bundle with closure that can be attached to you existing hair. Since these are glued or sewed on, they could wear them longer unlike hair extensions. The best thing about these is that they can give you a whole new complete look. Just like hair extensions, these can give you longer or thicker hair depending on your preference.
    If you want to know more about hair extensions and hair weaves, you may check out rebeccafashion. They currently carry tons of human hair weaves and extension and synthetic wigs for you to choose from which vary in length, color, style, and material.
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    The Best Hairstyles & Headpieces at Met Gala 2018
    Still got the Met Gala hangover! For this year's New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, A-list celebrities go all out on not only on their fashion statements but also leaving a mark on their wildest hairstyles and even headpieces. The theme is all about 'Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination'. Of course, there were head-turner hairstyles, crowns, crazy veils, huge and symbolic headpieces, and tons of tiaras. 

    As we always have a blog post about hairstyles, it is so timely to compile a list of my favorite hairstyles & headpieces that for me are the best and stood out from the rest on this year's Met Gala.

    Head-turner Hairstyles



    The 21-year-old gave an unexpected short red sci-fi bob hair partnered with her Joan of the Arc outfit. It showed a badass look as she is modeling a badass feminist in the history. 

    Gigi Hadid

    One of my most favorite overall look at the Met Gala this year would be Gigi Hadid. She wore a dress that is much like a stained glass art. Her hair is simply effortless with a lot of volumes and was accented with gold pins on each side.

    Fairytale Hairstyle


    Jasmin Sanders

    I'll say the most beautiful braid at the Met Gala was worn by Jasmin Sanders. Her look was all glam, fashion, and fairytale worthy. Just look at her long golden braided hair intertwined with red roses. 

    Rebecca Fashion
    Achieving this look will be quite difficult but we all know that celebrities like her used Brazilian hair for longer and thicker hair.

    Golden Crowns


    Amanda Seyfried

    A simple yet elegant look, Amanda Seyfried donned a curly blonde hair accented with a golden tiara crown from Prada which complements her romantic Rennaissance golden gown. Want to achieve this look but have a dark hair color? You can simply use a hair bundle with closure to try a completely different color and texture from your natural hair and if you want to protect the edges of your hair if you decide to have a blonde hair color.


    Emilia Clarke

    The Queen Mother of the Dragons really knows how to take risks not just on having pinky blush but wearing braids on a messy way. A different take from her famous braids on Game of Thrones. This time she wore it with a crown and fresh flowers.

    Beautiful Golden Headpieces


    Blake Lively

    Another favorite who definitely stole the Met Gala is none other than Blake Lively. Her Versace maroon and gold jewel-encrusted gown reportedly took over 600 hours to make! The dress was definitely the inspiration on Blake's hair as per her hairstylist. The loose updo was perfect for the golden thorny headpiece.


    Amber Heard

    You'll be surprised that Amber Heard's headband was made of zip ties (cable ties). It was handmade and hand painted. It does only mean that your look doesn't have to be so expensive.


    Rose Huntington-Whiteley

    Sleek and stylish knotted bun with the addition of a golden halo headpiece. Truly, she looks like an angel.

    Gothic Black Headpiece


    Lily Collins

    Lily Collins goes dark and dramatic with her look at Met Gala. She wore a metal headdress adorned with elaborate braids that were tight into a bun.

    Rita Ora

    Rita Ora makes an entrance with her gothic princess look. She wore an enormous black headdress that features black roses, spikes, and a cross. It did not disappoint and her long blonde hair also added to the dramatic look. She is known for wearing a wig as she wore one last year's, Met Gala. Her hair looks incredibly long and beautiful that even you can pull off. 

    Check various hair extensions from Queen Virgin Remy to achieve this same look as well as other hairstyles listed on this post.

    What is your best hairstyles and headpieces from the recent Met Gala? Would you like me to talk about my Met Gala 2018 best dressed too? Share on the comments below.
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  7. Best Color Matches for Women

    It is a drastic change and a very difficult decision for a woman when it comes to changing their hair color. And not everyone is adventurous enough to take that big step. Changing your hair color will make radical changes on your overall look and it will make you unique from the crowd. Let's be honest, getting the hair color that you want will not be easy. It will also take time, effort and money. And let us not forget, damaging the hair. But what if I tell you that you can pull off any hair color effortlessly? Curious? Read on below. 


    To help you decide, hair extensions are a great investment if you want to change your old look and decide after that if you'll want your hair back. 

    Pull Off Any Hair Color Effortlessly
    Yes, the secret is out! Hair Extensions will help you aim that hair color that you've been dreaming about. A popular kind of hair extensions that will help you rock the color that you want is Brazilian Hair. This type of hair extension has different types and it is very versatile that you can style it depending on your personality and mood. The red ombre is a hit especially for celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens, Jessie J, and Selena Gomez. Forget about having the standard ombre color and go bold with red. Below images, they are rocking their locks with red ombre color.


    Get this look and check the Body Wave Human Hair Bundle With Closure Ombre Wine from rebeccafashionThese are a perfect look that will show a bouncy and shiny hair. Getting it styled is endless! Curl or straight it, and you can even add bangs.

    Can't decide on what is the perfect hair color for you? Try on mixing the subtle color of golden brown. Celebrities like Olivia Wilde and Lea Michelle can't seem to get enough of this hair color. 

    To get this look, try body wave hair extension which is the most popular of Brazilian Extensions. It has the volume if you aim for big curls. It is also manageable that you can use it everyday. Get ready to turn heads even if you are not on the red carpet.

    Ombre Lace Front Synthetic Hair Wavy Hair Wig Long Body Wave

    The most daring hair color that has taken over by storm is the rainbow/mermaid hair trend! If you are the kind of gal who wants to play with pastel colors like pink, green or even blue, this is the hair color for you! A big fan of rainbow hair colors is Katy Perry, Arianna Grande and a lot more! 


    The loose wave bundle of Brazilian Remy Human Hair can get you the ultimate vibe of the mermaid looking hair as you can dye it according to your preference. It will also add length and volume. Remember that you need to bleach the extensions first before adding the pastel colors. There is certain care for extensions that you should be mindful of for the longevity of the colors which I hope we can tackle in a different post.

    A more sophisticated look is the straight and silky hair. It can bring a fashion style sleek chic. Thrown in happy colors and pull it off like Ariana Grande and Katy Perry.

    Put the stress away on waiting to have that long hair as the straight bundle hair extensions can pull off this look. Achieve that long fabulous look by swiping it up in a high ponytail. A big advantage to these extensions is that they are made from natural hair. So boost it with colors without worrying about damaging your hair.
    Never thought that pulling off any hair color effortlessly would be that easy? So which color would you prefer for your next hair color refresh?
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  9. How to comb my lovely hair


    Goal: To detangle the hair product and return it to its natural state


    Necessity: ★★★★★

    Combing is crucial to taking good care of your product. Using the correct method of combing, you can keep the product in good state and increase its longevity.

     Frequency: ★★★★★

    It is optimal if the product is combed once a day. However, if you are unable to do so, please try to comb your product at least twice a week.


    Things you need:

    1. Your Queen Virgin Remy hair product!
    2. A Wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush (optimally one with metal bristles);
    3. A wig conditioner suitable for the type of your hair product (i.e. human or synthetic). Please read the description on bottle carefully to distinguish between the two;
    4. (Optional) A mannequin head to hold your product in place.

    * You can easily find the tools in your local beauty supply store.


    Step-by-Step Instructions:

    a) Hold the product firmly in your hand, or pin it to the mannequin head if you have one to better comb the product;

    b) Spray the conditioner evenly throughout the product. The amount of conditioner used depends on how well-maintained the product is;

    c) Separate the weave into small strands and start combing from the bottom (tip) up, slowly moving up and smoothing the entangled parts;

    d) Repeat step c) until all parts of the product are knot-free and smooth as new!

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  11. How to Wash My Lovely Hair


    Goal: To clean the product comprehensively and make it look brand new again!


    Necessity: ★★★★★

    We are proud that our costumers wear our products to work, at home and in many other occasions. After repeated use, oil, dust or other residue can gather on the product no matter how carefully you treat your product. In such cases, we recommend you wash your product to restore its natural beauty.


    Frequency: ★★

    For products made from human hair, you need to wash them about once a week if they are well-kept and hydrated regularly. Products made form synthetic material should be washed less often, only at the frequency of once every three to four weeks. If there are other reasons for you to wash your product besides regular care, please do so at your own discretion and keep in mind that washing too frequently can be harmful to your product.


    Things you need:

    1. Your Queen Virgin Remy hair product!
    2. A Wide-tooth comb or a paddle brush (optimally one with metal bristles);
    3. A wig conditioner suitable for the type of your hair product (i.e. human or synthetic). Please read the description on bottle carefully to distinguish between the two;
    4. A basin or sink large enough to put your product in;
    5. A bottle of shampoo (a shampoo designed specifically for processed hair is recommended; a regular mild and moisturizing shampoo is also acceptable);
    6. A bottle of leave-in conditioner;
    7. (Optional) A bottle of moisture rich conditioner;
    8. Some lukewarm water;
    9. One or two clean, dry towels.

    * You can easily find the tools in your local beauty supply store.


    Step-by-Step Instructions:

    a) Follow the instructions in the “Combing” section to detangle the product;

    b) Pour some shampoo into the basin and fill the basin with enough water that you can submerge the product. You can read the descriptions on the shampoo bottle to determine how much shampoo you should use. Gently stir the mixture to generate a decent amount of foam;

    c) Soak your product inside for a few minutes. Then slowly run through the product with your fingers in the same direction of the hair for a couple of minutes. Please do not wring or squeeze your product;

    d) Fully rinse the product in the direction of the hair and towel dry;

    e) (Optional) Apply some conditioner and wait for about 10 minutes. Please make sure not to apply any conditioner to the root of the hair. Then repeat step d);

    f) Spray leave-in conditioner on the product and put it at a well-ventilated place to air dry. Please avoid placing the product under direct sunlight.


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