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  1. Bleaching Instructions

    Purpose and effects

    The purpose of bleaching is to change the color of the hair product, usually to prepare the product for further dying procedures. Bleaching is required whenever you want to change a product of a dark color to one of a much lighter color. This procedure is quite important since it’s hard to dye light colors on to your products without first depigmenting them.


    Bleaching is an oxidization reaction where the bleaching material interacts with and deprives the hair of its blue and red pigments, leaving it with a white or yellowish color. After this depigmentation process, dyes no longer blend with the pigments originally in the hair and you can easily have your hair become the color you desired. 


    Mix your selected bleaching material with appropriate amounts of peroxide developer. The degree of peroxide developer you use depends the extent to which you want to remove the color in the original product. For the longevity of your product, we suggest you use peroxide developers with lower degrees. After leaving the mixture in your product for about 20-30 minutes, rinse the product according to instructions provided in the “washing” section. If the outcome isn’t what you’d desired, you can repeat this process or switch to a peroxide developer with a higher degree. After bleaching the product, you can dye it to whichever color you want.

    Downsides of bleaching

    While bleaching is a necessary process for dying light colors, it’s not something we would recommend you do often. Inside most bleaching material are strong alkali elements that can interact with proteins in the cuticle layer of the hair, causing irreparable damage. For the same reason, these materials may damage the skin upon contact. Therefore, Rebecca Fashion recommend that you don’t bleach your product unless completely necessary. If you are not sure whether your product needs bleaching, please consult your hair stylist for advice. Rebecca Fashion would also suggest you try some of our products with lighter colors to save you from the trouble of bleaching the product yourself.

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  2. Flex your Hair in 7 Straight Days without even Washing

    How often do you wash your hair? Two days, or three? To me, the longest I can handle is 5 days, and I was really not myself anymore lacking confidence and good mood during the last days.

    There are always ways to hang on a little longer until we find this perfect routine that can assure you to flex your hair in 7 days without washing it while looking good everyday.

    Day 1

    After just be washed, the hair is always soft and fresh, so now just keeping it natural would be the best choose to shine with the freshness and smell. For me, I usually leave the hair conditioner on for 20-30 minutes while washing. Let the hair soak ENOUGH nutrition it needs. Don’t always rush to wash your hair, give it time to absorb while you can read a book, take a shower and stuff. The hair glows with the nutrition and health that lives in. So make sure to give them to your hair.

    Day 2

    The second day, you can give it a slight change to have a romantic or sexy look with the bigger size using electronic hair curler. Just to give a sight temperature at the hair end to infuse some vibrate and air-free feeling into your hair. Remember the heat can not be too high. Set the temperature 160-180otherwise it will damage the hair. Both men and women love the curly hair style so much. It’s also a natural style with more vibrate and bouncy tempo which will shade your second day the same feelings.

    Day 3

    The third day comes. If you are tired of putting your hair down all the time. Tying it into a big hair bun on the top would be a nice choice. Your can braid first and twist to make a clean and tight bun or you can twist and tie directly and make a loose and natural bun. Me myself have never tried this because I always get worried if this will make my head look too big without any safe hides and covers. But trust me, try it once you’d love it because it will really make you look younger and unveil your beautiful face completely. You will be wowed by how beautiful you are that you seldom noticed.

    Day 4

    Do you know the goodness of trying messy top bun? Have you ever tried putting your hair down after days of braiding first? Try it and you’ll know. The answer is: your hair looks naturally curly with more volume. Parting the hair into two layers and only knot the top layer forming a top hair bun. This hair style gives you a clean and neat look from the front while not losing the feature-like and flowing feeling from the back. Nice combination and choice for the mid-week.

    Day 5

    Half a week has passed, now it’s time to pull all your hair away from the face, gathered and secured at the back with a nice and delicate hair tie. This is the most classical and clean hairstyle for decades because it’s just SO easy and neat. It can be a young girls’ choice showing the beautiful face, swinging the hair exposing the youth and vibrant say #Ariana Grande, or the powerful women’s choice embodying strength and attitude, say# Beyoncé Knowles.

     Day 6

    Now it’s already the 6th day and your hair probably has become greasy or oily that you don’t want it to be anywhere near you. Try braiding it into two parts, twisting and tying it completely so your hair becomes stylishly clean and set. A sort of classical beauty in Middle Ages which shines with your elegance and shiny smile. This gives a real feminine and soft look which melts all the trouble and hatred. There are thousands of ways of braided bun which you can choose from. I personally really am into this style.

    Day 7

    It’s the end of the week. You hair has become really greasy or oily but you can also use it all up by trying a sexier and wetter look. It’s time to put some gel and hair spray on your hair which will spread your wildness and rawness to end the week. Models and stars love this style because it’s something in between the natural and stylish, coming right out the swimming pool style. The wet look seems to be the most fresh and glamorous hair style of all time.

    It’s just one option to smartly combine the natural state of your hair with the current fashion hair trend. What’s your better ideas? By sharing your inspiring ideas, we will give back the coupon(s) which you can use in purchasing hair from our website. Start sharing it with us now!

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  3. Met Gala Meet the Queen

    Met Gala Meet the Queen

    I still can't get over of the 2018 Met Gala Looks. Wow! The looks are all dreamy, astonishing and so grand. I've always been looking forward to this every year and it never fails to let me in getting awed.  My jaw always dropped for every photo of the 2018 Met Gala I found online. Who are your top favorites? When it comes to outfitting, I love all of them. How about you? But when it comes to hairstyle, I have few to share that really makes my heart skip a beat the moment I saw it. The hair of Kerry Washington was effortlessly styled up and I'm so envious. That reminds me of the kinky curls of this Brazilian hair from the online store that I frequent. 

    Kerry's looks surely stole all the eyes with her hair. She looks exceptionally beautiful! That tiny gold hair accessory is just right for that minimalist gold outfit. I don't know but I really find Kerry's beauty popping from the crowd. Ever since I watch her TV series, Scandal, I got addicted to this girl. So, I guess I'm gonna wear kinky curl hair weave sooner than I think. Another girl that stole my heart was Katie Holmes. Isn't she looks so beautiful in her long straight hair? This reminds me again of the HAIR BUNDLE WITH CLOSURE from rebeccafashion. Look at Kate? Look at how simply dazzles with her outfit. Ahhh... Her long straight hair was perfect! I'm always a fan of this girl since Dawson's Creek and now I'm a fan of her daughter, Suri, too! 


    Alright. Last but not least, Kim Kardashian. She looks like a goddess. I love her overall look. Sticking to gold is a good idea, always. Well, I fall onto warm tones, so I love gold, really. Kim sported a gold outfit and that makes me love her even more. Gold can tend to be overwhelming if it's too much but Kim pulled it off (as always) by wearing two tiny gold chains with cross pendants and nothing more and her hair high-up ponytail. Her long straight hair looks perfectly cascading at her sexy back. Kim always looks mesmerizing every time. Could this girl be any more gorgeous? I've been following Kim since I don't even remember and every time she has new hair, it looks perfect on her. Don't forget to check out Queen Virgin Remy if you want to sport Met Gala hairstyles. I'm sure you'll never regret visiting this store. 

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  4. Dying Instructions

    Synthetic or Human?

    Before deciding on dying your product, please first find out whether your product is made of synthetic or human hair. This step is crucial because the two products’ distinct natures make their outcomes of dying completely different.


    If your product is made from synthetic material, you might have to seriously reconsider before dying the product. In short, synthetic products aren’t made to be dyed. The original color of the synthetic product is dyed onto synthetic fiber during its production process. This dying process is done before the fiber takes shape and the color is therefore spread evenly across the fiber. The process that takes place when you use dying material to dye hair is completely different from the prior. Because the synthetic fiber is already woven in to hair, the dye must undergo certain chemical reactions with the synthetic material to fully integrate with it. Unlike human hair, synthetic material is not susceptible to these changes and hence is hard to dye on. If you do dye your synthetic products, you might find that the resulted color does not match what you’d expected.

    For these reasons, we recommend that you don’t dye your product unless doing so is completely necessary. Only dyes with strong oxidizing properties can change the hair’s color for longer durations, but the dying procedures are difficult to carry out and the accompanying chemical reactions are often hazardous (they generate cancerogenic gases). If you still were to decide on dying your synthetic product, please make sure not to use ordinary hair dye but dyes more suitable for this purpose. But again, Rebecca Fashion supplies hair products of various colors and designs. Considering the relatively low prices of synthetic products, we would recommend our customers to purchase products of different styles instead of going through the troubles and dangers that lie in hair-dying.


    Because of its intrinsic structure, human hair is much easier to dye on and therefore susceptible to a wider range of dying products. Using non-permanent dying material, you can swiftly change your style by giving it a new, refreshing color. It’s also quite easy to bleach human hair products to return them to their original color whenever you feel like the original hue. 

    Please follow these instructions to dye your product professionally. It’s important for you not to wash your product or condition it a day before dying. This caution against maintenance before dying is because the cuticles of wet or conditioned hair are closed so particles in dying products cannot easily penetrate the outer layer. Blend the two doses of your selected dying material together as instructed on the dye bottle. Dip your wide-tooth comb or paddle brush in to the mixture to cover it with dye. Divide the products into horizontal layers and comb through the product layer by layer from bottom up and from end to root. Take a dip whenever there isn’t any dye on the brush left. Take care not to apply any dying material to the scalp of your product as doing so may change the scalp’s color and give it an unrealistic look. Please wear old clothes while dying and be careful not to spill any dying product on to your skin.

    Rebecca Fashion take the health of our customers very seriously. If you think that you can’t single-handedly finish or might inappropriately handle the above instructions, please visit a barbershop and have professionals help dye your product. You can also save your troubles by checking out other products of different colors at our site! By purchasing products of multiple styles, you can have a perfect match for every possible circumstance!

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  5. Essential Characteristics of our product


    We treat every Rebecca Fashion product as a baby of ours and we encourage our customers to treat theirs in the same way. To care for and protect your babies, you must first realize that they’re not invincible. In fact, due to the complex nature of the materials your products (synthetic or human) are made of, your products are susceptible to many threats out there. Understanding these characteristics can help you understand what causes harm to your products and how to take precautions against it.


    Synthetic Products

    Synthetic hair is composed of fiber formed by polymeric compounds. Though made to mimic the properties of human hair, synthetic hair is in many aspects different from human hair. Synthetic products manufactured by Rebecca Fashion have been through a series of meticulous procedures so that the style and design of the product does not vary over time. Under regular maintenance, your product can look just like the original even after repeated wash and use.


    But just like the two sides of a coin, this resiliency means that your product cannot easily be restyled by ordinary means. Because of the nature of these products, they cannot withstand the heat generated by your flat irons or curling wands. We also recommend you not to dye your synthetic product since the effects of ordinary hair dyes on synthetic products often turn out to be unsatisfactory and irreversible.


    However, the difficulty of restyling your synthetic hair can be offset by the low price with which you can purchase multiple synthetic products of differing styles. The material used in synthetic products is much cheaper than real human hair and therefore you can have different types of products in your possession to satisfy needs in different circumstances.

    That said, if you enjoy designing your own looks, do not like switching between products or want to have a product that last longer, please keep reading and consider our products made of human hair.

    Human Hair Products

    As said before, human hair products differ from their synthetic counterparts in various ways.


    Compared with synthetic products, human hair has a much more sophisticated structure. The component of this structure that our customers should focus on most is the outer layer. This layer is covered by a great many scales (called cuticles), just like those on the skin of a snake. These scales all point from root to end and overlap with each other to cover the inner layer of the hair completely. If the cuticles of your human hair product are properly lined up, they’ll reflect more light and make your product look fresh and shiny. They’ll also help retain the moisture in the inner parts of your product to prevent shedding and breakage. 

    However, if not protected properly, these cuticles can open up or fall off, leaving the vulnerable insides of the hair susceptible to outside dangers. Styling your product with heat too much will cause the cuticles to dehydrate or become scorched and coarse. Blow-drying your hair too often can cause damage to your product for similar reasons. Exposing your product under direct sun light for extensive hours can also cause harm to your product as the strong UV ray radiated from the sun can seriously impair the cuticles’ protein structure.

    Because of the special alignment of hair cuticles, we recommend that you always comb your hair in the direction that they grow (i.e. from root to end). Furthermore, it is best to use a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush (optimally one with metal bristles) instead of an ordinary hair brush. We recommend a wide-tooth comb because it does not cause too much friction between strands of hair and thus minimizes the harm on hair cuticles. We also do not recommend combing your product while it’s still wet since doing so will increase the friction between hair strands (you can try experimenting on how hard it is to comb through wet hair). Applying conditioner on the product, however, will help the cuticles to close up and make the hair smoother and easier to comb. You can find specific instructions on how to properly comb your product on the page labeled "Combing". 

    Difference between Remy and Non-remy Human Hair

    After knowing all about the cuticles’ importance in protecting the hair, you still need to understand the distinction between remy and non-remy human hair.


    Human hair obtained from individual sellers are mostly disorderly. On the same end of a strip of hair, some hair might be the root part of the original hair and some might be the end part. Products made of disorderly human hair don’t have cuticles that point in the same direction. As mentioned in the section above, combing in the direction opposite to that of the cuticles’ alignment will damage the cuticle layer, leading to tangling, coarseness and other issues. For non-remy hair, these issues can occur no matter which direction you comb the hair since combing either way means combing against the cuticle growth direction of some of the hair. Therefore, for certain products, we apply chemical processes to take off their cuticles. These products do not have much tangling issues but are cheap because of their shorter longevity.


    Remy hair products are those made of hair that is arranged in the exact same direction. This type of hair is comparatively rare to get and naturally more expensive. Remy hair products are almost identical to authentic human hair in its smoothness, shine and duration. With the cuticles all lined up in the same direction, remy hair products experience much less shedding or tangling issues than any other type of hair. The cuticles’ protection makes remy hair products easier to maintain and gives them a longer life-span. With these advantages comes a higher price, but who wouldn’t want to let their babies to last longer and always look beautiful as new?

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  6. the History Maker, the Best Performer- Beyoncé Runs Coachella

    the History Maker, the Best Performer- Beyoncé Runs Coachella

    She is the first woman of color to headline this huge music festival in California. She made the festival the one and only Beychella. "Coachella, thank you for allowing me to be the first black woman to headline," Beyoncé said, before singing "Run the World (Girls)."  

    After months of rumors, we also witnessed the great reunion of Destiny’s Child with Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams singing their 90s hits "Say My Name," "Soldier" and "Lose My Breath."

    Check out all the stunning looks presented by Beyoncé with casual & stylish wear plus the flowing big wavy hair that dances all the youth and energy out. This summer, don’t you want to have this hottest style and vibe too?

                                                                  Kinky Curl 4 Bundles Brazilian Remy Human Hair

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  7. My Hair Story

    My Hair Story

    My hair is one of the best assets that I have. I have kept it long for years because I'm afraid to cut it short since based on experience sporting short hair was never going to be flattering to my round face. I have tried to have it in layers, did have a full or side bangs every now and then; but that is about it.                                                   

    But as for hair dyeing and all other sorts of chemical and heat treatments, name it I have done it! I’ve gone from black to brown to ash. I had Brazilian blow-outs and rebonding several times too.  That's why I am glad my hair hasn't given up on me just yet. I must say though that since it is one of my pride and glory, I always make it a point to take the best care for it.

    I've been in the area of tip-toe-ing whether to keep my current hair color though. Sporting an ash blonde hair takes a lot of effort, since it is easier to notice if there's damage there or all these baby hairs springing through my head. I'm thinking of dyeing it in a darker shade. Not like jet black like Cleopatra because it'll be hard for me to dye it in a lighter shade in the future. Good thing there are available options for me to try, like using hair extensions using Brazilian hair that I can use to check if a darker shade would suit me.

    I would also love if my hair would have some more volume like the model's hair above. I can't do anything about volumizing my hair because it is already what is. I've tried volumizing products before but to no avail. So probably the only best option is to go for hair bundle with closure instead (like the one pictured below).                                                                                                                                                                                

    I've checked out this site that sells wigs and clip in hair extensions, named Queen Virgin Remy and they have an extensive array of products that I can try for my hair problems or if I want to get pretty experimental with my hair and forget about damaging it even more. They are pretty much one of the best place for if you're looking for hair extensions and the like. 

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  8. Pink Wigs

    Pink Wigs

    Pink Wigs

    The pink wigs are always considered to be very girly, fashionable, and most of the time, very hard to put it together with you. Somehow, it's not always like this, the secret ingredient is to match the pink hair with light color( can be same pink, beige, white, etc.)  clothes and delicated light color make-up.  All the colors can be put together if you put some thoughts on it.

    Don't be afraid of standing out. And if you do, most of the time, you win. We think red hair is hard to pull beautifully, but Rihanna did. We then think the green hair is really awful but Emma Dumont in Gifted holds this color even better and prettier than her own. We shall all be bold to redefine ourselves and discover the hidden superpower. The next oh-so-pretty woman can be you.

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    Not everyone is born to have hair that is dense and thick; no one is ever really like, "I woke up like this" looking like a Victoria's Secret model just fresh off the runway. That is never a reality. I mean seriously people, let's be real. Even the most beautiful girl who walks this earth will never say or claim that. 

    Now what one has to do to give lifeless, limp, sad locks a new lease on life? Even better, achieve full volume Bombshell hair. I know for myself, I want something like that, not for everyday though but on occasions or when attending an important event. I know you want that too, right?

    The answer to it all, well, obviously are hair extensions. Hair stylists on the annual Victoria's Secret fashion show have been arming themselves with these hair extensions for years to give Heidi Klum, Gisele Bundchen, Candice Swanepoel, Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes and others that VSFS runway worthy hair. So that they can live up to their bombshell status. 

    There are several types of hair extensions that can fulfill those bombshell dreams; say for example using several pieces of hair bundles. Nothing is more volumizing and thickening than a good set of these hair bundles. Disguise clips or attachments by gently teasing your layers thus creating fullness and height.

    To really reach new heights with your mane, try also lace closure made of real human hair then blow dry with your hair flipped upside down. Add some finishing spray to add extra bounce and you are good to go. 

    360 frontal hair extensions on the other hand are similar to a closure piece that is used when wearing wigs, weaves or hair extension pieces. The obvious difference though is that frontal extensions encloses the entire front area of your head from temple to temple right at the hairline. They allow you more versatility when styling your hair for several reasons without it looking as if you are wearing a wig or weave. This is why frontals work great for women who have thinning hair. That being said, you can blow dry, add body-enhancing styling lotion to your hair for added lift. 

    Sure, you can follow those handy tips you read on the internet like use volumizing shampoo and conditioner to help boost body, amp up your blow drying techniques or so many products available on the market at the moment which will breathe new life into limp locks or raise the volume on lackluster strands instantly. I have tried some of that but let's be honest, some of them never really give you the desires of your heart. 

    Achieving Bombshell hair is not a single feat. I guess we could all agree that it is a combination of several hair enhancers. How about you, how do you get voluminous locks? Care to share them?

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  10. How To Get The Best Hair Extensions In USA?

    How To Get The Best Hair Extensions In USA?

    Answering the question “how to choose the best hair extension”, many friends always say, “ I usually go to local salon…” Then the question becomes how did salon choose hair extensions for you. Follow us and you might find your answer.       


    When looking for the best hair extensions, you should check whether they are made with natural human hair or synthetic fibers. Not only will human hair last longer, it will also look like your own hair and can be treated likewise. I presume that not everyone will be comfortable using human hair. But you need to remember, that you cannot use heat on synthetic hair. Forget about hair dryer, straighteners or any other styling tools. Natural hair, on the other hand, can withstand some proper heat application. You can make a beautiful curl or straighten your hair if you wish. If you’re not sure, if hair extensions you purchasing are natural, just pop an email to the seller. It’s your right to ask where they get their hair from.(yes,here i made a big trouble to hair factors:)       

    rebeccafashion.com is a leading international online hair products store. We supply 100% human hair. Super deals up to 80% off. Fast shipping worldwide. We are committed to provide professional salon quality hair extensions that are made with genuine Remy and extra virgin 100% human hair. The hair itself is with the absolute top quality. 

    SHOPPING FOR HAIR EXTENSIONS ONLINE VS IN-STORE                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

    When shopping online, especially for expensive products, people are always caucious about the liability of the website. It is important to be able to read about the product before making a purchase. Always research all the information provided on the website. Also, check if there is an option to easily contact the team in case you have any urgent questions.                                                               

    One of the reasons people have decided to purchase hair extensions from queenvirginremy.com is because the website is very user-friendly. I was able to find all the information about the hair. The details on how it is produced and what type of hair extensions I need. There are many educational and informational videos on the website too.                                                                                                         

    If you decide to buy your hair extensions in-store, make sure you find a good assistant. Ask questions about the company and the quality of the hair they use.                                                               

    When choosing a color, try to use the natural light if possible. This will help you to choose the perfect shade. Not getting the right color is a common mistake when buying hair extensions. Most extension companies offer a wide range of colors that make it easier for women to find the right shade.                                                                                                                                                                       

    Don’t rely too much on a shopping assistant in this case. Sometimes they just push whatever needs to be sold or don’t have much experience in the product themselves.


    Now, HOW MUCH?? 

    Usually, price is one of the most important reason.                                                                                                                                                                                                       

    Why should I buy hair from outside salons? Answer is simple! Price will be reduced by at least 20% per dealer down. Buying hair from rebeccafashion.com, which means buying hair directly from a reliable factory, you could have a large variety of products to choose from with the best quality, while only paying with the wholesale price.                                                                                                 

    Every penny counts. Discover the most reasonable price from Queen Virgin Remy.

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