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Virgin Hair Extensions For Less

Posted by Queen Virgin Remy on 7/2/2016 to Hair Extensions
For virgin hair extensions, nobody can mess with Queen Virgin Remy. We’ve always got the hottest styles, best deals, and largest selection you’ll find anywhere. It’s so easy to take advantage of our amazing selection online or in one of our stores, so really girls, you’ve got no excuse not to have your weave looking amazing for the rest of the summer! Why should you buy from Queen Virgin Remy? Because when it comes to virgin hair extensions, it’s all about getting the real deal. Accept no substitutes, and make sure you trust the company you’re buying from. Here at QVR, we take the same approach with all of our suppliers, and we put all of our virgin hair through a rigorous inspection process. This helps guarantee that it is 100% human hair and virgin. That means never treated with any chemicals or synthetics, collected from one source, and of course authentic in origin. Whether you’ve got our luscious, full Brazilian locks or our silky soft Peruvian deep wave, you can rest assured that the hair is really virgin and really from these exotic locales. What does it mean to have virgin hair extensions from Queen Virgin Remy? Read on to find out more!

The Spot For Indian Remy

Posted by Queen Virgin Remy on 6/25/2016 to Indian Remy Hair
If you’re ready to take your hair to the next level, you’ve come to the right place here at Queen Virgin Remy. Besides being the go-to source for all types of virgin hair and closures, we’re also your best bet for amazing Indian remy hair. You’ll love the affordable prices, fast shipping, and great customer service that come with every purchase from Queen Virgin Remy. Besides the great service, you want something that will make your hair stand out from the crowd, and that’s what you get with the quality Indian remy hair. Just as with all of our products, we’re very careful to make sure that our buyers are working with the best suppliers available to bring you the best quality locks. Our Indian remy weaves come to you directly imported from Chennai, India, so you can be confident you’re getting the real deal with our products. So, you need to stop wondering what you’ll do about your weave, and just get this awesome Indian remy extensions from Queen Virgin Remy. Keep reading to learn all about these amazing products.

Amazing Deals On Brazilian Virgin Hair

Posted by Queen Virgin Remy on 6/18/2016 to Brazilian Virgin Hair

Amazing Deals on Brazilian Virgin Hair That Will Make Heads Turn!

Have you been looking to upgrade your hair and style? Do you find yourself looking at other girls’ extensions and getting jealous about how beautiful, healthy and full they look? Well, maybe it’s time you got that same exotic, sexy, head-turning look and start making all of your friends jealous. Where do you start? Right here with Queen Virgin Remy. We’ve got the highest quality, most flexible, and natural looking virgin and Indian remy hair on the market. All of that for amazing prices with our 5-tier quality inspection process ensuring you’ll receive a premium product free of imperfections. Some of the hottest styles you see in magazines and movies can become your own look with the help of Queen Virgin Remy Brazilian virgin hair

brazilian virgin hair | Queen Virgin Remy

Get Your Lace Closure At QVR5

Posted by Queen Virgin Remy on 4/22/2016 to Lace Closures

Nobody Can Beat Our Lace Closure Deals

If you’re trying to get you weave looking its best, you’ve got to have the right kind of lace closure to match. This helps your hair look natural and is essential to any good weave style. At Queen Virgin Remy, we have all the closures you need to make it happen. Just as we take things very seriously with our virgin weaves, you’ll get the same level of quality control and overall satisfaction from our closure products. We take great pride in bringing you 100% authentic, all-natural virgin hair supplies, and that includes our lace closure options. Our suppliers are put through a serious 5 point inspection process to make sure you’re getting the real thing, and we do the rest to make sure you’re getting the best price and service available. Remember, we’ve got store locations all over the country, so come see in person, or order online anytime and get amazing deals on closures from Queen Virgin Remy!

You can have Brazilian Virgin Hair

Posted by Queen Virgin Remy on 4/15/2016 to Brazilian Virgin Hair
You can have Brazilian Virgin Hair
You know you've seen that girl walking down the street with her full, beautiful, healthy looking hair that literally seems to bounce as she walks. Or the girl on Instagram whose account you stalk because her shiny curls are just to die for! Have you ever thought about getting those same looks for yourself? Well… what are you waiting for? 

Some of the most beautiful and popular hairstyles of today can be achieved by using Queen Virgin Remy Brazilian virgin hair.

Brazilian Virgin Hair - Queen Virgin Remy Hair

Get your Malaysian Virgin Hair!

Posted by Queen Virgin Remy on 4/8/2016 to Virgin Hair
Ever wanted full, beautiful, healthy looking hair that bounces and curls like the models in all those hair commercials on tv?  Want hair that makes men dream about you all day?  If you've been thinking about getting more beautiful hair but don't wanna lose your wallet, you are in the right place! 

Some of the most sexiest hairstyles for women today are be achieved by using Queen Virgin Remy Malaysian hair

malaysian hair | Queen Virgin Remy

Virgin Hair vs Remy Hair – Is There a Difference?

Posted by Queen Virgin Remy on 4/1/2016 to Brazilian Virgin Hair
Virgin Hair vs Remy Hair – Is There a Difference?
Lot's of people ask about virgin hair and remy hair, so we thought we could give this breakdown. Remy Hair is not always virgin hair, in fact it rarely means that. Although the two terms are used synonymously, they have different meanings.

virgin hair | Queen Virgin Remy

We Have The Best Quality Indian Remy Hair

Posted by Queen Virgin Remy on 3/25/2016 to Indian Remy Hair
We Have The Best Quality Indian Remy Hair
Are you looking for that extra special something to make your hair stand out? Do you want to achieve the same beautiful smooth, silky looks you see on commercials and in magazines? Finally you can match the looks and sexiness of the beautiful hair you see in those fashion magazines and on TV. Men will swoon and heads will turn when you walk through the room. With Indian Remy Hair, you’ll find the look you desire, with a soft feel, flawless quality and amazing prices that can’t be matched anywhere else!

indian remy hair | Queen Virgin Remy

Peruvian Virgin Hair at the best prices and highest quality.

Posted by Queen Virgin Remy on 3/18/2016 to Virgin Hair
Peruvian Virgin Hair at the best prices and highest quality.
Been looking for that extra something to give your hair a luxurious look? Want amazing texture, exotic looks, tons of volume, and amazingly soft hair? Look no further than Queen Remy Virgin Peruvian Hair to give you the results you desire. You’ll have the attention of everyone when you walk into the room with either the Straight or Deep Wave Peruvian Hair

peruvian hair | Queen Virgin Remy

How to care for your Virgin Hair

Posted by Queen Virgin Remy on 3/11/2016 to Brazilian Virgin Hair
How to care for your Virgin Hair
In our last post, we talked about virgin hair and the strict standards that must be met to call hair “virgin”. Besides the strict standards that must be met to be considered virgin hair, there are also very important steps that must be followed to properly care for virgin hair, and also for Indian Remy hair, which we’ll discuss below.

virgin hair | Queen Virgin Remy