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Healthy Scalp

Posted by QUEEN VIRGIN REMY on 1/31/2016 to Brazilian Virgin Hair
Healthy Scalp
It is always important to have a healthy scalp under the hair extensions. A lot of times we are so worried about the   hair and we forget to take care of what is under ( the scalp). Here are a list of  solutions to help you with your scalp problems.

First, look at your scalp and how your hair behaves.   Is your scalp dry and flaky, but your hair greasy?  Or are both your hair AND scalp dry?  Is your scalp greasy, but your hair dry?  Or are they both greasy?

How to Blend Your Leave Out Perfectly with Curly Hair

Posted by QUEEN VIRGIN REMY on 1/21/2016 to Brazilian Virgin Hair
How to Blend Your Leave Out Perfectly with Curly Hair
If  your hair is kinky, relaxed, texlaxed or simply not the same curl pattern as your hair extensions you may find it difficult to get that “perfect” blend without reaching for a curling iron or wand.  Which may be fine in the beginning but too much direct heat and your leave out will become damaged and begin to break.  So grab a spray bottle...

Want To Use Queen Virgin Remy Extensions To Grow Out Your Hair ??

Posted by QUEEN VIRGIN REMY on 1/6/2016 to Brazilian Virgin Hair
Want To Use  Queen Virgin Remy  Extensions To  Grow Out Your  Hair ??
Hair extensions and weaves can serve a very useful purpose, not only for style, but for hair growth as well.

Improperly installed and maintained hair extensions can lead to excessive hair loss and damage.  Bad installs that are not properly maintained can leave you with dry, brittle, damaged, and thinning hair.  Properly installed and maintained extensions allow you to try new hairstyles.  You’re able to give you own hair a rest from excessive heat, pulling and combing, thereby preventing breakage at the ends of the hair, and allowing you to retain length. In short, what you do and don’t do before, during and after you get your extensions will determine the eventual outcome.

The Best Deals On Silk Closures

Posted by Queen Virgin Remy on 6/10/2015 to Silk Closures

Queen Virgin Remy Has Your Weaves AND Silk Closures

You probably already know that when it comes to the best quality hair extensions online, Queen Virgin Remy is your one stop shop. But did you know that we also offer the finest in lace closures and silk closures? That’s right, if you’re ready to get your summer weave game together, you know you’re gonna need the right closures to go with your new virgin hair extensions. For the best combination of quality and price, you can’t go wrong with Queen Virgin Remy virgin and Indian Remy hair. To go along with our fabulous hair extensions, check out our silk closures and other fantastic hair products. So if you’re wondering how to choose between lace and silk closures, read on and learn more about what’s best for you.