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How to care for your Virgin Hair

Posted by Queen Virgin Remy on 3/11/2016 to Brazilian Virgin Hair
How to care for your Virgin Hair
In our last post, we talked about virgin hair and the strict standards that must be met to call hair “virgin”. Besides the strict standards that must be met to be considered virgin hair, there are also very important steps that must be followed to properly care for virgin hair, and also for Indian Remy hair, which we’ll discuss below.

virgin hair | Queen Virgin Remy

Indian Remy Hair Care Tips

Posted by Queen Virgin Remy on 3/4/2016 to Indian Remy Hair
Indian Remy hair is also 100% human hair, however it has been dyed to a 1B color and treated for texture. This beautiful hair is a flawless alternative to virgin hair, and is imported directly from Chennai, India. Its natural sheen and density well blend in perfectly with natural or processed hair. Just as with virgin hair, the Indian hair must be cared for properly. While heat can be safely applied for a beautiful, customized look, we strongly discourage coloring our Indian hair, and suggest you try one of our virgin hair products if you’re planning on coloring your virgin hair.

indian remy | Queen Virgin Remy

More Hair Care Tips: You Gotta Seal Those Wefts!

Posted by Queen Virgin Remy on 2/26/2016 to Brazilian Virgin Hair

Congratulations! You’ve Got Beautiful New Queen Virgin Remy Hair 

So you’ve finally decided it’s time to step up from the basic beauty supply synthetic hair and get some soft, lustrous, quality Virgin or Indian Remy hair. That’s great! We’re glad you’ve chosen Queen Virgin Remy as your source for these great products. The last thing we want is for your new hair not to live up to expectations, and one of the keys to avoiding that is proper hair care. In our last few posts, we’ve talked about coloring and styling options, but today let’s focus on sealing wefts, and why that’s so important. 

virgin hair care | Queen Virgin Remy

About Our Products: Lace Closures and Machine Wefts

Posted by Queen Virgin Remy on 2/19/2016 to Care & Color

Learn More About Queen Virgin Remy Products

Have you been looking to upgrade your hair style? Do you want the best in quality at a great price? With Queen Virgin Remy virgin and Indian Remy hair, you’re in good hands. When making a virgin or Indian remy hair purchase, there are lots of things to consider, such as length, style, color and of course quality. We’ve got you covered with an amazing line of hair products, available online and in our stores around the country. Besides the basic questions of style and quantity, some more specific things to consider are the closure and weft types. Here’s some basic info to help you understand more about our products. 

lace closure machine wefts | Queen Virgin Remy

Virgin Hair Care Tips: Shampooing and Co-Washing

Posted by Queen Virgin Remy on 2/12/2016 to Care & Color

Make Sure You’re Taking Care Of Your Queen Virgin Remy Hair Properly

You’ve got your beautiful Queen Virgin Remy virgin hair or Indian Remy hair, and you’re loving your new look. We’re glad that you’ve chosen our hair products for great quality at an affordable price. But now, you’ve got to follow a few steps to ensure your new hair stays soft, full, and beautiful. Our last few posts have covered important tips for proper installation, choosing closures, sealing wefts, coloring dos and don’ts, and styling options. Now to wrap up this series on virgin hair care tips, let’s talk about shampooing and co-washing. 

virgin hair care | Queen Virgin Remy

Healthy Scalp

Posted by QUEEN VIRGIN REMY on 1/31/2016 to Brazilian Virgin Hair
Healthy Scalp
It is always important to have a healthy scalp under the hair extensions. A lot of times we are so worried about the   hair and we forget to take care of what is under ( the scalp). Here are a list of  solutions to help you with your scalp problems.

First, look at your scalp and how your hair behaves.   Is your scalp dry and flaky, but your hair greasy?  Or are both your hair AND scalp dry?  Is your scalp greasy, but your hair dry?  Or are they both greasy?

How to Blend Your Leave Out Perfectly with Curly Hair

Posted by QUEEN VIRGIN REMY on 1/21/2016 to Brazilian Virgin Hair
How to Blend Your Leave Out Perfectly with Curly Hair
If  your hair is kinky, relaxed, texlaxed or simply not the same curl pattern as your hair extensions you may find it difficult to get that “perfect” blend without reaching for a curling iron or wand.  Which may be fine in the beginning but too much direct heat and your leave out will become damaged and begin to break.  So grab a spray bottle...

Want To Use Queen Virgin Remy Extensions To Grow Out Your Hair ??

Posted by QUEEN VIRGIN REMY on 1/6/2016 to Brazilian Virgin Hair
Want To Use  Queen Virgin Remy  Extensions To  Grow Out Your  Hair ??
Hair extensions and weaves can serve a very useful purpose, not only for style, but for hair growth as well.

Improperly installed and maintained hair extensions can lead to excessive hair loss and damage.  Bad installs that are not properly maintained can leave you with dry, brittle, damaged, and thinning hair.  Properly installed and maintained extensions allow you to try new hairstyles.  You’re able to give you own hair a rest from excessive heat, pulling and combing, thereby preventing breakage at the ends of the hair, and allowing you to retain length. In short, what you do and don’t do before, during and after you get your extensions will determine the eventual outcome.